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Having Grimm to Disney be my first year seminar class was truly a great experience. I loved meeting and becoming friends with everyone in the class and learning and growing together.


In terms of the classroom discussions, I loved reading the original Grimm tales of the stories that our generation only knows as a Disney tale. It was very interesting to read the originals and find the differences but also find the similarities that they each have to the Disney films and also the similarities that they each have to some known biblical stories. I was fascinated when I read the original story of Sleeping Beauty because it was very much like the story of the death and rebirth of Jesus. Growing up in a family who has strong beliefs about the Lord and of God, I made the connection immediately.

As I reread my past blogs, I can see an improvement in the way I would talk about the story that we were reading and learning about that week. I can see how my knowledge of fairy tales have changed in a positive way. I know that my professor has said all semester that besides learning about the tales, this goal of this class is to improve our understanding, thinking, and writing skills because we have not peaked yet in terms of those skill levels or else we would not need to be here. I always enjoyed our time in class and discussions of the tales. I will definitely not watch those Disney movies with the same innocent interpretations as I did before coming here ever again. Overall, I would not want my first year seminar class to be anything other than Grimm to Disney and would not have wanted to share my experiences and growth with any other group of people.




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