Little Red Riding Hood

The cartoon that I found was the same story as the original fairy tale. The only difference was that it was more kid-friendly in order for it to be viewed by anyone. I could tell that it was more kid-friendly because of the fact that it was a cartoon and also because the narrator’s voice was the same tone that one would use to speak to younger children. Since the film was made for everyone to be able to view, it is a social film. There was no form of anything that would prove the video clip to be a political film.

little red

I enjoyed this small clip because when Little Red’s mother is telling her directions to her grandmother’s house, she says “don’t talk to strangers”. The cartoonist made sure to emphasize the motif of the story, which is to not talk to strangers. It then shows Little Red Riding Hood meeting the wolf and she defies her mother by talking to him even though he is a stranger. She is easily lured into his trickery by picking flowers and straying from her path to her grandmother’s house.

little red2

In the clip, we can see Little Red is very oblivious and naive. It was only moments before she arrived to her grandmother’s house that she encountered the wolf. Yet, when she arrives at the house she has no idea that the person lying in her grandmother’s bed is not her grandmother, but it is the wolf she saw just a moment before getting to the house. It is also shown because of the fact that she does not know what her own grandmother is supposed to look like. Her being naive is also emphasized in the clip because in this video she has to ask the wolf twice “why is your mouth so big?” even though he told her the first time that it was so he could eat her up. Overall I think the cartoonist did very well at explaining the importance of not talking to strangers.

little red 3

Kid Saga TV


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