Blog#7: Cupid and Psyche Comparison

The Frog King by the Grimm brothers and the story of Lucius Apuleius are very different from one another. The Frog King tells of a young princess who meets a frog when she loses her golden ball in a well. The frog agrees to retrieve the ball for the girl, but only if she promises to give up her companionship and be with him. Although she agrees to this, when he gets her the ball the princess runs away, breaking her promise to the frog. Later, the frog finds the princess and her father makes her stay true to her promise to the frog king. Out of rage, she throws the frog against her bedroom wall and he falls onto her bed. However, when he hits the wall, he is transformed into his human form again and the princess agrees to marry him now. After he is transformed, his servant is free of the iron bands that were wrapped around his heart.

The story of Lucius Apuleius tells the tale of another beautiful princess. However, the princess is punished for her beauty because Venus is jealous of her. Venus sends her son, Cupid to cause her pain with his arrow, but he cannot do so and instead gives her happiness. She is called to the top of the mountain where she ends up marrying someone whom she does not know beforehand. Once she is married she is the opportunity to wish for anything she wants. She wishes to see what her husband looks like; but he does not want to show her because he is afraid that she will think that he is ugly and will be afraid of him. In the end, Psyche calls upon Cupid to come help her and he does so and saves Psyche.

Although the stories are completely different, mostly because of their time differences and amount of creativity, they share a similar message. Each of the princesses in the two stories meets someone who they are not familiar with and they seem disgusted with at first. In the end they up falling in love with someone who they judged when they first met them.


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