Blog #5: Snow White Comparison

The 1937 Disney film of Snow White shares the same main idea and plot as the original Grimm tale. The main plot of the story is that Snow White is living with a mother figure whom becomes jealous of Snow White’s beauty. Out of jealousy, she spends her days trying to kill Snow White so that the Queen may once again become the fairest of them all. Of course, there is the other main idea of love in the Disney version that helps the story end in the famous “happily ever after”. Similar to most, if not all of Disney’s revisions of the stories, he makes slight changes throughout the movie to make it appropriate for children to watch. In the Disney version, the Queen is still killed, but it is caused by her trying to kill the seven dwarfs. Although death in a Disney movie is still violent for children, it is not as bad when it is an accident like her falling off the cliff because it gives the kids a sense of victory that the evil witch has been destroyed. In the Grimm story the Queen is forced to dance herself to death which would portray a bad message to the younger viewers if Disney were to keep that in his film. Walt Disney makes the tales into cartoons and takes out graphic violence of the story in order for the movie to be seen and enjoyed by people of any age.


Similarities Differences
·         The Queen uses the mirror to find out that Snow White is fairer than her.

·         Queen orders the huntsmen to kill Snow White and he does not do so.

·         Snow White runs through the forest to escape from the Queen.

·         Snow White finds the dwarf’s cottage.

·         Seven dwarfs like Snow White as soon as they see how beautiful she is.

·         The poison apple is the cause of her “death”.

·         The dwarfs put her in a glass coffin.

·         The Queen dies.

·         The prince and Snow White get married and live happily ever after.

Grimm Version 1937 Disney Version
·         Snow White is younger.

·         Queen tells the huntsmen to bring back her liver and lungs after he kills her to eat them.

·         Snow White takes longer to find the cottage.

·         Queen does not have magic to use for her disguises.

·         The Queen has to try 3 different ways to kill Snow White before she dies.

·         The prince buys Snow White in the coffin as if she were a “thing”.

·         She regurgitates the apple and is alive.

·         Queen is forced to kill herself.

·         Snow White is a bit older.

·         The Queen wants Snow Whites heart as proof she is dead.

·         Snow White finds the cottage within one day.

·         There are animals that appear to understand her and do human-like activities (helping her clean).

·         The Queen uses magic.

·         The dwarfs’ names are their personalities.

·         Queen only uses poison apple to kill Snow White.

·         Snow White never regurgitates apple, but is woken with a kiss from the prince.

·         Queen dies on accident.


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