Blog Entry #4: “Rags to Riches”

The idea of “rags to riches” is used in many known fairy tales. The story often begins with a female character whom may be poor, or even living in middle class, and meets the male character who is in a higher class than others or often royalty. Fairy tales tend to use this story line as a way of grasping the reader or viewer’s attention and keeping it until the very end when we finally find out if the fair maiden does in fact get rescued by the prince or if Cinderella gets to prove the glass slipper is hers. Although it would be nice if we all had our own fairy godmothers to help us achieve the dream of rags to riches in real life, we know that is not possible through magic. Even though some people may have someone in their life that acts as a fairy godmother because they get everything handed to them, the reality of it is the work that you put towards something to achieve a goal. For example, in order to get hired for a job, you must present a resume and go through an interview to prove to the company that you are qualified and have done previous things to get to where you are and continue doing them to get to where you want to be. I believe that there is a difference in working for what you want and everything being handed to you. You feel a greater sense of accomplishment knowing that you EARNED it and not that you did nothing for it. In Cinderella, she is given a fairy godmother/magic tree to help her appear more beautiful in order to catch the prince’s eye. This is an example of something being handed to you. I think that fairy tales often use this and give kids the false idea that magic does exist and that you won’t have to work for something that you want.

In the real world, there is no magic for us to use to get us into the “riches class”. However, the use of marriage to become rich, famous, or royal is seen in the real world. Many people get married not out of love, but out of need/want of money, home, and power. There have been people in power who decide to marry someone who are not in power yet. The sad truth behind that is the royalty could be marrying out of love, but the person they are marrying may never love them and only be marrying them as a way to achieve power. There may be a small amount of situations that happen like that, but more often than not we all have to use our own power to achieve something that we want at least one point in our lives.


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