Blog Entry #2

The main definition of a fairy tale is a story that is often full of magic and almost always ends in a “happily ever after”. They are old tales come from people’s imaginations, experiences, or observations that are rewritten into a story that is appropriate for both children and adults. The basis of a fairy tale is usually the plot that is contained in the story. In most fairy tales the plot occurs close to the beginning of the story and the majority of the movie is spent showing how the characters try to resolve it. For example in Sleeping Beauty, the plot is that Briar Rose becomes cursed by the witch. The curse is announced very early in the story and most of the story tells of the struggles that happen while trying to break the curse and trying to protect her from the spindle. (Zipes p.163).spindle Another characteristic of fairy tales is the repetition in the story. The purpose of repetition is to emphasize the main points of the tale. In the Brothers Grimm film, it repeatedly showed the wolf that was in the enchanted woods and how the main female character continuously recognized her and could see that it was actually her father turned into a wolf. It repeatedly showed this so that we could understand that her father had been put under a spell under the queen’s command. Many fairy tales do not contain detailed descriptions of items in the story. This is because there is often an understood symbolism in the items. A use of symbolism in Sleeping Beauty, or Briar Rose, is the curse that when she falls into a deep sleep from pricking her finger on the spindle at the age of sixteen symbolizes puberty and growing up. Pricking her finger is the equivalent of a female’s first menstruation and falling into a deep sleep meant that she was not ready for puberty and it was a way for her to wait until her body was ready for new changes. Fairy tales also only focus on a small amount of characters in the story. There may be up to six or seven important characters but the story mainly focuses on two or three of them. Often the two main characters are a female and male who in the end fall in love and live happily ever after. The possible third main character is something evil that is trying to make sure there won’t be a happy ending. In the Snow White film there is the prince, Snow White, and the evil step-mother who wants Snow White out of the picture so that she remains “the fairest of them all”.


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